Asioc Alphonsian Youth Gathering I in Sumba, Indonesia, from 30th June to 6th July


Theme: One Encounter, One Family, One Mission

The ASIOC Alphonsian Youth Gathering 2024 will be held from 30 June to 6 July on the enchanting island of Sumba, Indonesia. Young hearts of Asia-Oceania will meet to celebrate faith, culture, and life. Fr. Ivel, the consultor General, had the privilege of interviewing Fr. Willy Ng Pala, organizer of the AYG 2024 committee, who shared profound insights into this transformative event.

The theme of the ASIAOC ALPHONSIAN YOUTH GATHERING which will be held in Sumba-Indonesia: ONE ENCOUNTER, ONE FAMILY, ONE MISSION! Inspired by Act of the Apostles 4:32, “All the believers were one in heart and mind. ” Fr. Willy emphasized that our encounters with others shape our spiritual family, and together, we embark on a common mission of hope.

AYG participants are Redemptorists Youth (aged 18-35 years, single) and their companions (10% of the number of YOUNG PEOPLE). They are spread across all Redemptorist units in Asia Oceania which consist of 11 units: Malaysia & Singapore, Cebu Manila [Philippines], Indonesia (Jakarta, Palembang, Palangkaraya, Ketapang, Larantuka, Yogya, Sumba) Bangalore, Liguori, Majella [India), Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and Samoa). The number of participants is expected to be approximately 400 participants, with the following details: Participants from each unit outside Indonesia will receive 20 participants per unit, while those from each parish and community in Indonesia will receive 20 participants.

Asia-Oceania Redemptorist Youth Gathering, also called Alphonsian Youth Gathering (AYG), is a gathering of youths throughout Redemptorist units across Asia-Oceania. Through AYG activities, Redemptorists realize the importance of journeying with young people. For young people, AYG becomes a means of faith formation and involvement as the main actor in responding to various life challenges. It is also an opportunity to share in diversity and to rejoice in faith and encounters as brothers and sisters in faith and spirit.

Through a series of AYG activities, it is hoped that the basic capacity of YOUNG PEOPLE who are increasingly solid and solidarity (deepening their love for God, expanding their love for fellow creatures), responsive, strong, and stuttering to be involved as main actors in life can be achieved. This goal can be achieved through the implementation of the 6 principles of World Youth Day in Particular Churches: Celebration of faith, Church experience, Missionary experience, Opportunity for Vocational Affirmation and Call to Holiness, Pilgrimage experience, and Experience of universal human brotherhood.

Fr. Jack Umbu Warata officially launched AYG preparations, echoing St. Alphonsus’s zeal to be courageous apostles of hope. The Cross of ASIOC Alphonsian Youth Gathering toured Redemptorist and other neighbouring parishes, igniting anticipation. There were many activities carried out prior to AYG, like competitions, travel of AYG Cross and Youth Cross, Novena AYG, Days I-IV AYG Peak Event (Proper), and so on.

Activities were also carried out during the AYG phase, such as catechesis, workshops, Interfaith Meetings/Social Service/Service, cultural exchange, discussion and sharing, Celebration of Sacraments, and Devotion.


The Post-AYG stage is like ‘bread broken, shared’. After a process of almost 8 months, encouraged by the values of the Gospel and universality, YOUNG PEOPLE are expected to be able to develop and bear fruit. AYG participants are expected to be able to be creative and proactive in solving personal, Church and community problems with the light of the Gospel and the example of the life of Jesus Christ.

They are expected to become agents of transformation who inspire their environment and community in the lives of their families, churches, nations and countries in accordance with the values of the Gospel in the pluralism of Asia Oceania.

We wish the success of the AYG and pray that the organizers and the participants gain maximum through encounter with each other, bonding as one family to carry out the mission of the Redeemer.

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(Information included from the official letter of the AYG)