In search of an inner path


Father Rogério Gomes, C.Ss.R., General Consultor of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, has published his second book entitled “In search of an inner path: the different ways of encountering God and oneself” (Embusca de um caminho interior: os diversos modos de se encontrar com Deus and consigo mesmo), published by the Redemptorist publishing house, Editora Santuário, in Aparecida, São Paulo, Brazil. The book is divided into seven chapters in which the author presents the spiritual life as a path of wisdom, self-knowledge and intimacy with God. Therefore, profound contact with one’s personal history and the Word of God through meditation, personal and communal contemplation and intimacy with the Eucharistic Christ are essential.

The spiritual life is an inner pilgrimage that awakens the human being to everything that happens around him. It is a source of faith, hope, charity, discernment and wisdom, praise and help to reflect on our existence and relationship with God and all creation. The person who cultivates it is sensitive to the small details presented to him. It is in these daily details that God manifests God’s self.

According to the author, before being a text, the book is the result of an experience of meditation and prayer, inner searching, encounter and self-knowledge. It is a journey for understanding what it means to be human and to become human. For this reason, it seeks to be an invitation and a journey of inner pilgrimage, a listening to oneself that tries to reconcile who we are with the possibilities we have of going to meet God throughout our personal and spiritual history.

The reader is invited to place himself as a pilgrim and to construct his personal journey with these questions: Who am I? What do I want to search for and why do I want it? How can I do it? From what do I want to free myself? These questions help the process of discernment and the options to be made throughout life.

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