Preparation of the Perpetual Profession of the young Redemptorists (Peru)


(Cineguilla, Peru) – The preparation course for the perpetual vows of the young Redemptorists takes place in Cineguilla, Peru, from 6 January to 18 February. This course is organized by the Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean and is an interprovincial, intercultural and international experience. Father Henry Afonso of the Central American Province is the coordinator of the course and the person responsible for guiding the young seminarians.

The participants are 13 religious (of temporary vows) from different countries and (Vice) Redemptorist Provinces: 1 from Resistencia, 3 from Bahia, 2 from Fortaleza, 1 from Manaus, 1 from Goiás, 1 from Bogotá, 1 from San Juan and 3 from Central America.

In the letter sent by the coordinator of the  course and signed by the participants, which reads:

Dear Father (Vice) Provincials:

Cordial greeting in Christ the Redeemer and our Mother, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, who assist you and accompany you in your arduous labours as animators of our beloved Units.

In the first place, we wish to express to you, through this letter, that we have arrived at Cineguilla, Peru, where we are very excited and happy with the experience of the Second Novitiate.

Secondly, to thank you deeply, from the heart, for the confidence and opportunity to see and live this beautiful experience of preparation for Perpetual Profession and the Pledge of Perseverance.

The discerning years we have passed through in our initial formation allow us to set ourselves up for this event that will profoundly mark our lives, from which we feel blessed by the mercy of God, our good Father.

Again, we thank you for the opportunity you give us of being close to our definitive yes to our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Evangelical Counsels and the help of our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We thank you and we are happy to be part of this beautiful path of total consecration, for love and bestowal, to our Congregation.


Signed: Ednei Galvão, Valdeneir Alves, Alessandro Ferreira, Nelson Perez, Edgar Luis Torres, Alejandro Araya, Jeffesson Nunes, Carlo Arguelho, Jean Carlos da Silva, Roberto Betanco, Vladmir Meister, Oscar Orozco, Natanael Melo and Fr. Henry Soto.


Fr. Roque Silva CSsR

Ceneguilla, January 15, 2018.

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