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The blog of the Academy


The Council of Professors, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its foundation, has decided to launch the blog of the Academy.

As is well-known, the structure of a blog is similar to that of a diary, in which one’s reflections on a subject of interest or a topic of research are noted in chronological order.  In fact the structure of each page of a blog has its own date and mode of identification (permanlink).

The blog of the Academy is also thought of as a diary, but with the difference that this blog will be written by various authors in various languages.  In the various pages that will be produced in the following months the staff of the Academy  will offer, in a concise manner, reflections on contemporary moral questions close to their fields of specialization and areas of teaching.

In the Spirit of Saint Alphonsus, patron of confessors and moralists, the blog hopes to be a flexible and immediate contribution to the deepening of moral theology, in line with the mystery of Christ and in response to the challenges of our times.

With this blog, our academic community hopes to stimulate its members , researchers and students to develop a moral theology capable of promoting and sustaining  the co-responsibility of the People of God,  in its various ministries, in the service of the conscience of people today.

May these pages be a place of meeting where we can reflect and do moral theology together.

The President
Alfonso V. Amarante