Conclusion of the 6th Assembly of the Conference of America and the Caribbean in Mexico


12th day – 28th June 2019

We began the day with a moment of prayer, prepared by the Region of Port-au-Prince – Haiti, with the prayer of praise and surrendering to Jesus, the light of the world, of the new units formed.

The assembly started the activities with a group work in which the postulatas that will be voted during the morning session were read.

The next step was the voting of the postulatas, the special moment and a lot of hope in view of the new project of reconfiguration of the Latin American and Caribbean Conference.

After the break, a vote is held to accept the Apostolic Plan that will guide the Conference and it is accepted unanimously.

Therefore, the vote of the reconfiguration project is proposed, which is accepted unanimously. Father Michael Brehl, Superior General, appreciated the work done, thanked the Preparatory Commission, celebrating the decision and thus invited us all to engage in this task guided by the Holy Spirit. It is possible to dream and update the dreams of God in this historical moment for the Conference and the Congregation.

Fr. Rogério Gomes, General Consultor, illustrated the proposal for the preparation of the XXVI General Chapter by the General Council; places, themes, people to be moderated and translated. This was to advance in the preparation of the Chapter to be held in September 2022.

Subsequently, the work is proposed in groups on the subject presented, after an opportune time it has been forwarded to the plenary.

In the afternoon, the assembly gathered in plenary proceeds to new votes on the postulates presented and previously analyzed, with this voting session this important and decisive step of the assembly ends.

Then Fr. César Torres, Vice Provincial of South Peru, explained the apostolic project of what is proposed to work from now until 2022.

Participants were invited to meet in the newly established units and were asked to share their desires and perspectives in relation to the union and to trace a possible course of activities and meetings.

At the end of the day the Eucharist was organized and presided over by the Province of San Juan – Puerto Rico, a special mention was given to the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the homily. We were invited to let our lives be pierced by the merciful action of Jesus and becoming shepherds in the style of the Lord.

13th day of 29th June 2019

Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul – Last session of the Assembly

We began the day with the prayer of praise for the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, organized by the Vice – Province of Campo Grande – Brazil.

During a meeting, the assembly presented the conclusions and information of the meeting held in the groups, new units, the illusion and the prospect of wanting to work together in this new phase of the Conference.

Therefore, Fr. Michael Brehl, Superior General thanked everyone for the participation and the work, the joy and the will to meet as a Conference.

In the same way, Fr. Marcelo Araujo, Coordinator of the Conference, thanked all those who prepared, organized and were present at the assembly, and invited them to continue working on the achievement of this project that belongs to everyone.

The evaluation of the meeting took place and ended with the Eucharistic celebration of Thanksgiving, presided over by Father Marcelo Araujo and preached by Father Michael Brehl, who invites everyone to follow the example of St. Peter the Apostle and Paul, strong and diligent, enthusiastic evangelizers.

The 6th Assembly of the Latin American and Caribbean Conference ended with great achievements and the feeling of satisfaction of the work done.  We return to our units full of joy and hope to share what has been lived and decided here.

Thank you all for your presence and the Mexico Province for welcoming us all.

Frs. Inácio Medeiros and Jairo Díaz

The Commission of Communications