Media workshop for the pastoral year Fathers in Bangalore


(Bangalore, India) Fr. Charles Vijay C.Ss.R. conducted a Five-day media workshop for the 2019-20 year batch of pastoral year fathers from 6th to 10th of January 2020 at St. Gerard’s House, Bangalore. Centuries down the line people have always communicated with one another through different means. Today the world has changed rapidly and along with the world, the mode of communication has also changed drastically. Where once upon a time people used to send letters and handmade postcards, today with electronic communication and media the message is reached instantly with a click of a button. We can communicate with one another in seconds.

This is why it is very important and helpful to be up-to-date with the modern means of media and communication. We as newly ordained Redemptorists, to know our people, understand their way of life and to communicate with them better, it is important to understand the modern media. It is only when the Church understands the intricacies of the digital age, can it guide its flock.

This is the reason Fr. Charles Vijay, C.Ss.R. conducted a five-day workshop on media and online communication. I must admit it was really an interesting class to know how much influence the media can have on our lives today. The main aim of the workshop was not to learn everything in a short period; rather it was more of an exposure given to us about modern media. It was more to stimulate our minds to think and venture into the possibilities of modern media. We were introduced to a lot of new software and programs, which can be of great help in our ministry and for our priestly life. In our sessions, we learned filmmaking, video editing, production, podcast, how to use google drive and tools like google docs, sites and forms. We learned a bit of graphic designing through a website called, and others. Along with this, we had sessions on social media etiquette and the importance of managing online privacy and security.

We as pastoral year fathers on behalf of Fr. Xavier Sanjeevi would like to thank Fr. Charles Vijay and his team for coordinating with us and giving us this informative and interesting workshop. My God bless all his endeavours.

Fr. Juvance Serrao C.Ss.R.

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