We want to say that Jesus loves you


For World: We are here to say that Jesus loves you; He shed blood for you and has a plan for your life. The students of Major Redemptorist Seminary from Tuchow, Poland, with these words encourage internet users to take an interest in the mission and spirituality of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. They invited many confreres to take part in the project and share their experiences and reflections.

The project entitled “For World” is not only a website but also a channel on YouTube and a profile on Facebook, where new multimedia material is published every week. The project has been developed since January this year, so over time a large library of video clips has been created, divided into 5 sections.

In the videos, Redemptorists, who belong to different Provinces and serve the Congregation in different ways, present the characteristic features of spirituality, mission in the Church, and important events in the history of the Congregation. They talk about the Redemptorist community and their experiences of missionary work.

In the recordings, one can also meet Redemptorist Sisters and lay people who work with Redemptorists and share their witness of faith. Special witnesses of Jesus Christ are the holy and blessed Redemptorists whom Internet users can meet through the “For World” project.

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