A contemporary reading of St Alphonsus’ account of the Eucharistic Miracle of St Peter church in Patierno

credit: Diego Moreno Vasquez (cathopic.com)

On 23 November, in the church of San Giuseppe dei Ruffi (Via Duomo) in Naples, rev. Franco Esposito’s book was presented. It proposes a contemporary reading of the story of the Eucharistic Miracle of St. Peter church in Patierno, the suburbs of Naples, recounted by Saint Alphonso, offering a spirituality itinerary of conversion for prisoners, for whom the author is a chaplain. The book can be seen as an original way to involve the community in the pastoral care of the Neapolitan prison through theological-spiritual reflections with a strong pastoral impact. All in a strictly and distinctly Alphonsian key.

Fr. Vincenzo La Mendola, CSsR, the collaborator of the Historical Institute of the Redemptorist Congregation, wrote a review of the book as an invitation to read. In conclusion, Fr. Vincenzo recognises this book as a work that harmoniously combines vetera et nova. He also expresses his hope that it may contribute, as is the author’s intention, to make known a Eucharistic miracle of exceptional historical significance and to help understand its formative validity for the faith journey of Christians today. Those who will read the proposed meditations and the text of St Alphonsus will also be stimulated to deepen their understanding of the thought and spiritual message of the holy Neapolitan Doctor, whose 260th anniversary of his episcopal consecration we commemorate this year.

Francesco ESPOSITO, Luci verso una nuova giustizia, Dal Miracolo eucaristico di San Pietro a Patierno raccontato da Sant’Alfonso Maria de Liguori, Collana di Spiritualità, 4, IOD Edizioni, Napoli 2022, pp. 131.

Read the article by Fr. Vincenzo La Mendola, CSsR, in Italian.