The Redemptorists in Ireland have launched “The Preached Word”


“The Preached Word” is a new evangelisation project of the Redemptorists of the Dublin Province. For a few days now, one can download an app on one’s phone which gives access to a few minutes of videos with reflections on various religious and social topics.

The mobile phone app hosts a team of about 50 preachers. These include new voices of religious, laity and ordained from around Ireland who reflect on the Church and mission in light of the Gospel.

Scala News has asked Fr. Gerry O’Connor, CSsR, who is involved in “The Preached Word” project, to share more information about it: 

Fr. Jerry, what is the aim of your new initiative to develop the ministry of preaching on a digital platform? 

The Covid pandemic brought into focus the potential for digital evangelisation – the Irish Redemptorists hosted initiatives called “thoughts from a distance” and online live prayer through their social media channels. Our new initiative, “The Preached Word,” builds on these online successes by developing an evangelisation app with a sole focus on preaching. 

Who do you want to reach with your proposal? 

This is an app for everyone – those who are very committed to their faith and those with a curiosity. Our preachers and topics are varied. The preachers were chosen for their range of expertise and experience in ministry and mission. The app features experienced Redemptorist priests and religious, as well as ‘new voices’ among the laity.

What kind of content will be offered on the app? In what form? What topics? 

The app is divided into broad themes: Scripture, Living our Faith, Global Justice and Ecology, Spirituality and The Church. Each preacher speaks for 5-8 mins with text for each homily provided underneath the video. 

What will distinguish your proposition from other similar offers in the virtual world?

Pope Francis has called for a synodal church – a church that listens to the voices of all. Our new app fosters a culture of synodality where all voices are equal: ordained, religious and lay. The app aims to further the mission of the Church, educate, evangelise and promote the use of scripture. There is no such app in the Church that focuses solely on the ministry of preaching.

How will people interested in issues of faith be able to interact? 

It is a free app that anyone can download and use in their own free time. There is a contact form (to contact the team!) and an option to ‘rate’ the app. There is a potential to develop the functionality that will include a community element where users can comment and interact with one another.

What can one wish for your team now that your app has been launched? 

We hope to grow this platform, including more preachers, more topics and increasing our users monthly. Our greatest hope is that our app will help people in their faith. The reflective element of our preachers’ contribution is much needed in todays world – we want to challenge and encourage people to spend time with these homilies and be inspired to make a difference in the world. 

There is also the hope that we will gather the preachers for training, reflection and vision work. There is also the possibility that some of the preachers may participate in Redemptorist missions and novenas as preachers.

Thank you very much!

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